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HydraFacial MD®

Great for all skin types, the HydraFacial MD® Treatment is not only highly effective at improving overall skin health, but also excellent for remedying:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Elasticity & Firmness
  • Skin Tone Evenness & Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Hyperpigmentation/Photo Damage
  • Oily/Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Advanced Signs of Aging

The unique Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system is what sets the HydraFacial MD® apart from other procedures. The multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks to the devices’ superior delivery system, these performing ingredients are able to more effectively help mitigate environmental damage, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and plump & firm skin for long-term results you can see and feel instantly.

SkinPen 3

The SkinPen 3 is a motorized microneedling device that can produce over 1300 dermal penetrations per second. The micro-injuries that are created cause an inflammatory response that ultimately causes collagen production. The injury to the dermis is fractional, only a small percentage is affected, which has been shown to lead to faster healing and an improved risk profile when compared to treating the entire dermis. There is no heat produced, as a laser would, so the risks of pigmentation issues is very low. For maximal benefits, a series of about 6 are recommended.

The advantage of a SkinPen over a dermal roller is:

  1. The penetrations are perpendicular to the skin so there is no tearing of the skin.
  2. The perpendicular penetrations are linear and more precise than the roller that creates a wedge defect in the skin.
  3. Depth of penetration can be changed for the different areas of the face.
  4. The microneedles are much thinner than the dermal roller
  5. Many more penetrations are performed in a SkinPen treatment
  6. Able to treat areas where rolling is difficult or not possible - around the nose and eyes

What conditions can a SkinPen treat?

  1. Superficial skin laxity and wrinkles, especially around the eyes
  2. Enlarged pores.
  3. Scarring, particularly acne scars
  4. Stretch marks
  5. Thin skin related to sun damage or age
  6. Etched in superficial lines

What should I expect on the day of the SkinPen treatment?

  1. After pictures are taken, a dermaplane is performed - using a scalpel, the superficial layer of skin is removed including fine superficial hairs.
  2. A topical numbing cream will be placed on the skin for about 20 minutes
  3. The cream is wiped off and the face is cleaned thoroughly with hospital grade soap
  4. A hyaluronic acid lotion is placed on the skin which allows for easier movement of the SkinPen over the skin.
  6. The SkinPen is then placed on the skin and each area is treated in at least 3 directions to get a thorough coverage. The product or PRP placed on the skin is pushed into the deeper layers of the dermis by the SkinPen
  7. When finished with the SkinPen treatment (about 20-30 minutes), topical growth factors or collagen stimulators are placed on the treated skin. Studies have shown that these topicals can penetrate 50x better immediately after the treatment.
  8. Your face will remain red or pink for 24-48 hours. There is a skin care regime that will be tailor made for your skin, recommended by the aesthetician.

What are some other uses of the SkinPen?

  1. Prior to Levulan treatment for precancerous lesions, areas of concern can be treated with the SkinPen to allow for much better penetration of the Levulan.
  2. There might be some benefit when used in combination with the laser for tattoo removal.
  3. Chemical Peels will have better penetration and become more aggressive if SkinPen precedes placement of the peel.
  4. Stretch marks can be improved, particularly when topicals are used immediately afterwards.
  5. Although still experimental, there might be some benefit in treating areas of melasma followed by intensive topical therapy with hydroquinones and retin A.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is an aesthetic procedure performed to achieve better skin tone and to remove fine lines, especially on the face. The chemical solution removes outer layers of skin which are damaged by age, sun, acne, wrinkles, or pigmentation problems. Removing the outer skin prompts the body to generate a new layer of skin cells. Chemical peels may not be appropriate for darker skin complexions.

Reasons for Considering a Chemical Peel:

  • Reduce facial wrinkles and lines.
  • Improve sun-damaged skin.
  • Correct age spots and pigmentation problems.
  • Lighten scars (especially from acne).

General Procedure

At the time of your procedure, any active skin disease, infection, or acne needs to be under control in order to maximize results. There are several different types of chemical solutions which can be used, ranging from a mild solution to a very strong one. The aesthetician will select what is best for the patient based on their skin condition, color, and desired result.

During the procedure, the skin is first cleansed of oils. A solution is then carefully applied and is allowed to remain on the skin for a short time in order to remove the layers of damaged skin. At this point, the skin will turn white, a frost-like effect. The skin is then neutralized and cleansed.


The Illuminize Peel is our newest and most popular peel. Helps with hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damaged skin. It contains 2 next generation alpha hydroxy acids: Mandelic Acid and Malic Acid. Also contains Salicylic Acid and Resorcinol.


  • Superficial Peel
  • No Visible Peeling
  • Gives a Healthy Glow to the Skin
  • Self Neutralizing
  • Suitable for all Skin Types
  • Dermaplaning can be added at Client's Request

    Vitalize Peel helps fight the effects of time, sun damage, and environmental assaults. This powerful yet non-damaging peel can take years off aging skin.


    • Very superficial peel requires little to no downtime for the patient
    • Suitable for all skin types I-VI
    • Self-neutralizing formula is easy to use
    • Special formulation includes a unique blend of peeling agents: alpha-hydroxy acids, beta-hydroxy acids, resorcinol, and retinoic acid (obtained by physician)
    • Results are predictable and noticeable after just one peel
    • Dramatic results are seen after a series of peels
    • Indicated for hyperpigmentation, acne, and sundamage
    • Can include dermaplaning

    Rejuvenize PEEL

    Similar to the Vitalize Peel but 50% greater concentration of the Peel ingredients for more correction. You can expect more peeling with this peel.

    MicroPeel® (Patented Biomedic® System)

    This is a three step, state-of-the-art therapeutic skincare treatment that removes a micro-thin layer of skin.

    The first step is a mechanical (dermaplaning) or enzymatic exfoliation of the skin. This frees the skin of dull, dead cellular layers. The second step is an application of 20-30 percent alpha hydroxy acid (Glycolic). This optional step helps free pores of impacted debris. Manuel extractions of blackheads and milia are also done during this step. The third step is a skin freezing process called “Cryogenic Therapy”. Super cooled carbon dioxide is applied to the face in a light circular motion that immediately relieves inflammation and cools the skin. Pores appear smaller and the skin surface becomes smooth. The Micro Peel is customized according to your age and gender and usually last 30-35 minutes.

    MicroPeel® for Sensitive Skin (Patented Biomedic® System)

    This is a MicroPeel® described above using a gentle 2% Lactic Acid. This treatment reduces toxins, dead cells, comedones (blackheads), and regulates oil production.

    MicroPeel® Plus (Patented Biomedic® System)

    This is an advanced in-office procedure using Salicylic acid.

    This revolutionary peel frees the skin of dead cells and unclogs pores in a more aggressive nature then just the MicroPeel®. It will help smooth fine lines and even skin discoloration while reducing the appearance of acne scars and environmental damage to the skin. Manual extractions of comdedones and milia will be performed before the peel. Visible skin peel may be experienced. Suitable for all skin types and genders, especially for teen and adult blemish prone and acneic skin.

    What should I do after a peel?

    You need to limit sun exposure because your skin is more sensitive for about 1 week. You should wear sunscreen as well. Strenuous activity should be curtailed for about 2-3 days. Avoid harsh scrubbing of the skin. If your skin is peeling, do not “help” the skin to peel-you can use a moisturizer to help with flaking. Resume Retin A after 1 week if you are on it.


    The Aesthetic Clinique Purifying Facial

    The ultimate of all deep cleansing customized facials. It uses a deep enzymatic-exfoliating mask. Included components of this treatment:

    • Skin analysis
    • Steaming and toning
    • Extractions as needed
    • Facial, arm and hand massag
    • Anti-inflammatory treatment
    • Photo protective application

    The Aesthetic Clinique Purifying Facial is safe and effective for pregnant and lactating women. This is also an ideal purifying facial for men.

    The Aesthetic Teen Facial

    • Skin analysis
    • Deep pore cleansing
    • Extractions as needed
    • Exfoliation
    • Personalized skincare
    • Home treatment plan
    • Photo protective application

    The Aesthetic Clinique Back Treatment

    • Deep pore cleansing/detoxification of the back and shoulders
    • Extractions as needed
    • Steaming and exfoliation
    • Removes excess oil and debris
    • Waxing

      Waxing - bikini, brows, legs, underarms, brazilian

    • Aesthetician Services
      Improved skin texture and tone with 5 chemical peels.
    • Aesthetician Services
      This patient underwent 3 Vitalize Peels and Skinmedica Products including TNS Essential Serum over the course of 90 days. Note impovements in pigment and overall skin tone. Steve Weiner, MD, Aesthetic Clinique, Destin, Florida, Facial Plastic Surgeon. 850.622.1214
    • Aesthetician Services
      This patient underwent 3 Vitalize Peels and Skinmedica Products including TNS Essential Serum over the course of 90 days. Note impovements in pigment and overall skin tone. Steve Weiner, MD, Aesthetic Clinique, Destin, Florida, Facial Plastic Surgeon. 850.622.1214
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